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A Cultural Space

Jew-Sefardic Food

A Cultural Space

Sephardic songs are the result of oral transmission. In them there is present the traditional poetry, which is nourished, in previus days to the expulsion, of the original modules of the diverse peninsular regions and, after 1492, it reflects the assimilation of the loans of the diverse migratory points.

It is necessary to distinguish two basic vehicles of linguistic expression: the Ladino, literary language with certain structural reminiscences of the Hebrew, and the Spanish judeo, usual language and mainly evolutionary, that gradually has been suffering and assimilating the loans of other European languages.

From the musical point of view, initially the sephardic music was of modal extraction with presence of tetratonic and pentatonic scalistic schemes. The diaspora represents a qualitative change, introducing the diverse modal scales of the Mediterranean region.


Alberto Guerrero has been a resident in Antonio Gala foundation. His songs are simple and it takes a big taste as the delicate and slightly harmonious arrangements.

It has realized works of independent cultural management, directing and codirecting readings cycles and publishing  diverse authors plaquettes. It has opened concerts for artists like Nacho Prada, Nacho Vegas, Christina Rosenvinge y Flow, and has informed in a Pablo Neruda homage

To sing and to compose is what more he likes, but, writing also texts and adapting others of today and yesterday poets, and arranging them cautiously.

On his last disc (Un episodio rural, 2009,  composed by six romances of oral tradition and a small instrumental piece, for sale in Casa Mazal) it has recovered and re-processed, with scholar's emulation,  Cordovan and Andalusian songs and letters. In previous works he put music to some poets, classical and contemporaries.

In his performances in Casa Mazal he presents a suggestive repertoire according to the stage consisting of Sephardic  and Andalusian popular songs.

Rafael Moreno was born in Cordova where he realizes his musical studies in the  Conservatory of Music of the above mentioned city. Along with the classic guitar he studies Flamenco and electric bass. It concludes his teacher's studies of classic guitar in the  Conservatory of Music of Granada, with excellent qualifications. He is employed as teacher at conservatories of music from 1991 and from 2003 he gives classes as professor of classic guitar in the  Conservatory of Music of Cordova.

Since his childhood and alonghis career, his interest in the music has accompanied him across musical genres as diverse as pop, the rock, the Flamenco, the pasodoble, Holy Week music,the sephardic music,  jazz and the outstanding figure. His background is therefore eclectic, although always with a clear predominance towards the classical music. In the last years he has increased the repertoire of classic guitar with its two works of transcription of processional marches and pasodobles, reflected in its two books of scores and CDs, distributed at national and international level. This musical work emphasizes the quality, often despised, of our Spanish popular music.

From this last summer he  regularly perfoms in Casa Mazal, where he plays songs of his disc “Clavijero Español” (pasodobles for the guitar).

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