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Comida Judía-Sefardí

The Kitchen Of The Shabat In CASA MAZAL

“The Judaism points at the consecration of the time. Every Saturday are our big cathedrals” Abraham Heschel (1907-1972). The Shabat is the excellent holy day in the Jewish tradition. The Genesis narrates like the Creator after giving form to all the worlds, to all the living beings, and to the biggest of all its works, the human being, he rested creating the Shabat. Saturday is not a simple day of rest but it is the time that marks the border between the ordinary thing and the extraordinary thing, the material thing and the spiritual thing. It is a pure delight and happiness in company of the family and the friends. We do not celebrate the Shabat stopping all activity but also creating beauty across the canticles, the aromas, the decoration of the house, the meeting with the dears and “the flavor of the meals”.

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Dinners And Thematic Meals

Dinners and thematic meals. In a key only one. As formerly, in House Mazal the music walks together with the meal at the moment of there meet the family and the friends its histories, gossips, memories and songs. 

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Live Music

At Casa  Mazal every day live music, livening up the ambience. Enjoyment of the environment, of the meal and of the only ambience.

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