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Our Kitchen

Jew-Sefardic Food

Our Kitchen

The type of kitchen that it offers, fresh and of period, is sefardí (Judeo-Spanish), andalusí (Arabic - Andalusian) and traditional Andalusian.

The kitchen sefardí takes the roots of the gastronomy of the Jews who were living in Spain before 1492, enriched with the culinary recipes of the countries of reception of these (from Morocco to France, from Bulgaria to Turkey), and with products gone over to the Mediterranean after the expulsion, like the potatoes or the peppers.

Its letter is a product of an investigation of the traditions sefardíes of the basin of the Mediterranean and it does not include plates which ingredient is either the pork or additives restricted by the Jewish tradition.

House Mazal offers menus casher in accordance with the standards of Masortí Olami and World Union for Progressive Judaism. Previous order we import meal casher elaborated and sealed in accordance with Orthodox Union. This menu available for groups from 15 persons.

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